Randall David Tipton, work for sale

                  Mostly unframed work on paper now in my studio.
                  This will be kept current
                  [Yupo is a plastic paper from Japan, Terraskin is made from minerals]
                  [ watermedia refers to a mix of water soluble mediums]
                   503 380 4731
                  [returns accepted within two weeks with full refund]
                  payments available. make an offer

                              Stormy Weather with Dune watermedia on Yupo 20x13 inches $800

                                    Northwest Canyon watercolor on Yupo 26x20 inches $1800

                                 Ice Fog, Lichen Light watermedia on Yupo 20x20 inches $1200

                                           Baptism watermedia on Yupo 26x29 inches $1400

                                         Stafford Valley watercolor on Yupo 26x20 inches $1500

                                          Rainforest Tangle watercolor on Yupo 26x20 $1500

                                        The Season is Over oil on canvas 20x20 inches $1400

                                             Coastal Stream oil on canvas 48x36 inches $3200

                                 Oswego Creek Spring watermedia on Yupo 28x35 inches $2500

                               Over the Sea, Aug. 22, watermedia on Yupo 26x20 inches $1600

                                      Dark Winter Creek watermedia on paper 22x15 inches $800

                                                Island Oaks oil on canvas 20x16 inches $1100

                                 Second Beach Nocturne watercolor on yupo 26x20 inches $1600

                                               Morning oil on canvas 24x20 inches $1400

                        Lemon Daylight watermedia on Yupo 14x11 inches, 30.5x28 cm, $475

                                     Storm Over the Foothills oil on Yupo 12x34 inches $1025

                                           Fog Bank watermedia on paper 16x12 inches $700

                                 The Dream of Steven`s Meadow oil on panel 16x20 inches $1050

                                              Trinity Alps watermedia on paper 14x20 $700

                          The Storm Lifts off the River watercolor on paper 18x24  $1050 [framed]


                                        Tidal Surge watermedia on paper 19x14 inches $800

                                        Aleutian watermedia on paper 12x12 inches $350

                                           Tryon Creek watermedia on Yupo 12x9 inches $325

                                              Thaw oil on canvas 20 inches diameter $800


                                        Untitled Watermedia on Yupo 26x20 inches, 66x51 cm $1500

                                    Icy Slide watercolor on Yupo 26x20 inches, 66x51 cm $1400

                            Ice Fog Shadows watermedia on Yupo 14x11 inches, 35.5x28 cm $425

                              Bjornar and me watermedia on Yupo 14x11 inches, 35.5x28 cm $425

    Mountain Sketch watercolor on paper 8x8 inches, 20x20 cm $175


                       Poppies in the Grasses watermedia on paper 22x15 inches, 56x38 cm $700

                                     Strut watermedia on Yupo 12x12 inches, 30.5x30.5 cm $500

                  Untitled-green and orange watermedia on Yupo 12x12 inches, 30.5x30.5 cm $500

                           Sacrifice in the Morning watermedia on Yupo 26x20, 66x51 cm $1200

                         Untitled-violet watercolor on Yupo 18.75x14.25 inches 48x36 cm $800

                                Untitled watermedia on panel 12x12 inches, 30.5x30.5 cm $500

                                  Rockslide watermedia on Yupo 40x26 inches 101x66 cm $2400

                              Underbog watermedia on paper 20x21 inches 51x53.5 cm $900

                        Rainforest Winter Study watermedia on paper 22x15 inches, 56x38 cm $800

                          Rainforest Summer watermedia on paper 30x22 inches, 76x56cm $1500

                                      Wetlands Study watermedia on paper 12x17.75 $500

                                                   Window oil on panel 26x24 $1400

                                           Olympic Coast Morning oil on Yupo 20x16 $800

                                                Logjam oil on canvas 56x42 $4600

                                        Rainforest Windfall 36x50 oil on canvas $3600

                                        Mount Talbert with Fog 60x48 oil on canvas $4600

                                                        Thicket 60x48 oil on canvas $4600

                                             Spring Forest watermedia on paper 24x18 $800

                                      Foglie d`Autunno del Bosco watermedia on yupo 6x15.5 $400

                                         Oregon Refuge 4 watermedia on Yupo 20x20 $850


  1. Good morning, Randall. This is Jude Welter, Google pulled up my grandkids' name for me which is pretty appropriate!
    I hope you have been well. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful emails you send, there is always something inspirational in them. I also hope that should you give a workshop here in the Portland area, or even near Tillamook, you'll let me know. I agree with all you have written about painting, but sometimes just watching another artist's approach is very helpful.
    Take care, stay well and happy!
    Jude Welter

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  3. I love seeing your newsletters in my email. Your painting are always so beautiful.

    Wishing you both the best as always,

  4. Absolutely stunning works. Your paintings are exquisite cuisine for the soul.

  5. A wonderful eye feast. It's such a pleasure to see your beautiful work.

  6. I have just discovered you and your blog and am now a fan! So lovely that you so generously share your thoughts and artworks. I am a painter but a beginner in watercolours so it is great for me to see the possibilities. Thank you. Sue,Queensland, Australia

  7. Thank you Randall, for continuing to share your email with updates on your studio and such. As always, it is exciting to see your work! It is very interesting to read some insights into your evolution with the paint on Yupo. And, the unframed show resonates with me deeply, since I have a whole unframed show of oils on oil paper -- and am held up with concern for the framing in advance. Congratulations on your inspirational work with the kids and the rocks. Connecting with the Earth is the best therapy.

  8. Love this! I always enjoy seeing what you're working on, Randall. We also bought a big battery (Ecoflow Delta) after last February's outage and have only tried to use it once, when our Nissan Leaf ran out of power one mile from home. It didn't work for some reason, but I don't think it was the battery's fault.


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